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Kokodeev A.V., Ovchinnikov I.G. The improving of the methodology of resource scheduling – as a way to efficiency increase of the company in transport construction. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/10SATS120

The improving of the methodology of resource scheduling – as a way to efficiency increase of the company in transport construction

Kokodeev Artemii Vitalievich
Yuri Gagarin state technical university of Saratov, Saratov, Russia

Ovchinnikov Igor Georgievich
Yuri Gagarin state technical university of Saratov, Saratov, Russia
Industrial university of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia

Abstract. In the last decade, there has been a tendency of profitability reduction of the companies implementing transport construction projects in the Russian Federation. One of the main factors affecting negatively on the market of transport construction, is the imperfection of the current system of pricing in construction oriented to minimize expenditures of the state customer and doesn’t cover the estimated contractor cost risks: rising prices for basic construction materials, machines and equipment, increasing in overhead for contract administration, increasing of the credit load and the cost of bank support and project insurance.

In this regard, the search for an effective method of project management in the transport construction, using modern technologies of resource scheduling and control of construction projects implementation, is particularly relevant. At the same time, an important task is to select a project management methodology that is optimal for the labor costs of the company’s engineering and technical employees.

In the article the authors propose the detailed algorithm for developing and maintaining resource construction schedules in the domestic Spider Project program. Features of preliminary study of project documentation, a transfer of corporate reference books to the schedule, a formation of a Work Breakdown Structure, a planning of the labor resources, construction machines and equipment, materials, and cost components are given. A calculating method for the complexity of construction works based on the formation of technological cards is proposed. The possibilities of the Spider Project program in terms of monitoring of the construction schedule execution in the form of accounting for actual work performed, comparing schedule versions and generating plan-fact reports for analyzing the construction progress and making management decisions, are considered.

Keywords: transport construction; project management; project office; resource scheduling; software; Spider Project; planning; labor input calculation; control; production report

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