Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

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Russian journal of transport engineering

The main objective of journal is analysis, systematization and promotion of the scientific achievements and innovative solutions and technologies in the transport construction industry.

The editorial team of journal included the scientists of various research institutes, universities and other organizations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine.

Russian journal of transport engineering accepts for publication the research articles on specialties:

  • 2.1. Construction and architecture.

Advantages of the network scientific journal:

  • the publication capability of articles with a large volume of colored illustrations and multimedia forms, because the online format makes it possible not to limit the author’s needs in the most diverse forms for presentation of the scientific research results;
  • the article-by-article placement — the issue is formed gradually, the articles are posted on the journal’s website as they become available and reviewed;
  • the cost of publication does not depend on the number of pages — the volume of article is limited only by the framework of a reasonable approach to the necessary amount of material to cover the research conducted by the author;
  • the publication period is shorter — the editorial cycle is shortened due to the absence of a stage of typographical makeup, printing and distribution of copies to authors;
  • an access to articles from around the world and open-ended opportunities for dissemination of information — an article published in the network journal of free access can be sent in seconds flat to colleagues, uploaded to the organization’s website, placed on the social networks, at cetera.