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Danish A.B., Ledenev V.V., Savinov Y.V., Keyta Y. An experimental study of the bearing capacity of wall models with openings under one and two-way loading. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/13SATS120

An experimental study of the bearing capacity of wall models with openings under one and two-way loading

Abdul Barei Danish
Tambov state technical university, Tambov, Russia

Ledenev Victor Vaselevech
Tambov state technical university, Tambov, Russia

Savinov Yaroslav Vyacheslavovich
Mostostroy Company, Tambov, Russia

 Keyta Yaya
Tambov state technical university, Tambov, Russia

Abstract. The results of an experimental and numerical studies of the stress-strain state of wall models under one and two way action are presented.

The mechanisms of destruction of walls with openings are described. The functional dependencies between the destructive loads of the onset of crack formation and the influencing parameters are obtained.

It is shown that the openings are stress concentrators, leading to the occurrence of micro and macro damage, the appearance and development of cracks, and in some cases to the loss of stability of structures (walls).

The obtained influence functions can be included in traditional calculation methods with the aim of clarifying them.

The factors affecting the process of cracking and fracture are given. Their modeling will allow to predict and prevent adverse events.

Practical methods for regulating stresses, forces, and displacements that reduce the influence of various concentrators are considered.

The analysis of the destruction mechanism of wall models carried out in this article allows one to study the influence of the size, position, and shape of window openings on the bearing capacity of walls. For example, the presence of stress concentrations in the region of the corners of square openings and their absence in round ones. The system of indicators of the sentry type ICh-10 made it possible to control the deformation of models from the plane of the walls, which is especially important under conditions of lateral pinching.

The experimental values of the strength of the walls with openings compared with the calculated ones, which made it possible to see the degree of simplification of the classical calculation models used in design practice.

Keywords: cracks; wall models; inclined cracks; fracture mechanism; stress concentrators; empirical dependencies

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