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Yryshkin I.A. Influence of the regenerated road concrete mix on the wheel tracking of highways. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2022; 9(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/09SATS422

Influence of the regenerated road concrete mix on the wheel tracking of highways

Igor A. Yryshkin

Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Corresponding author: Igor A. Yryshkin, e-mail:

Abstract. Intensive wheel tracking on the road structures’ surface is one of the main road industry problems not only in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States countries but also in European countries.

The presence of wheel tracking entails a decrease in both road traffic safety and comfort. It prevents water removal from the roadway surface, which can adversely affect both the coating durability itself and traffic safety, due to the gliding effect possibility, the risk of losing control of the car when leaving or entering the track during a maneuver increases, as well as the costs of maintaining compliance with the regulatory requirements of the road are also increasing, and therefore it represents large financial losses, injures state economy, and also increases the accident rate.

In this research work, the author considers the causes of the wheel tracking occurrence, ways to deal with it, its types, elimination methods, including recycling technology, and the vectors for choosing methods for studying this issue, the topic of recycling is touched upon, which corresponds to the general state vector, on the protection of the environment, reflects the results of studying foreign experience. The study prioritizes the criteria of comfort, safety, economy, and modernity.

The author of the research work considers hypothetical conditions under which the wheel tracking percentage on roads with asphalt concrete pavement will decrease.

Based on the proposed conditions’ effectiveness, it was concluded that it is expedient to use the hot recycling method at the plant and a laboratory justification for this statement was made.

Keywords: asphalt concrete; wheel tracking; recycling; regenerated road concrete mix; RAP; asphalt granulate; hot recycling in a plant

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