Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

2022, Volume 9, Issue 4

Russian journal of transport engineering

2022, Volume 9, Issue 4



Belutsky I.Yu., Lazarev I.V. The lasting quality of road bridges steel-reinforced concrete superstructures on the way to renovation
Identification number of article: 05SATS422

Sklyarov A.N., Vartazarova A.Eh., Martynov A.K. Study of the static and endurance strength
of reinforced concrete specimens loaded with the account of the characteristics arising in the process of aircraft takeoff and landing operations on airfield pavements

Identification number of article: 02SATS422

Sukhorukov A.V., Badina M.V., Churilin V.S., Burlutsky A.A., Sivolap V.E. Analysis of variables affecting the change in the coefficient of clay soils’ moisture conductivity
Identification number of article: 08SATS422

Tlyavlina G.V. Laboratory and field studies to ensure the regulatory framework development and the transport facilities’ safety in the wave effect conditions
Identification number of article: 10SATS422

Kharchenko A.I., Kuneevskii A.A., Piskunov A.A., Kharchenko I.Ya., Pestryakova E.A., Mazur E.V., Telyatnikova N. A., Nemtsova S.A. Buildings and tunnel structures protection from excess sedimentary deformations in the area of foundation pits construction influence
Identification number of article: 01SATS422

Yryshkin I.A. Influence of the regenerated road concrete mix on the wheel tracking of highways
Identification number of article: 09SATS422