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Belutsky I.Yu., Lazarev I.V. The lasting quality of road bridges steel-reinforced concrete superstructures on the way to renovation. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2022; 9(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05SATS422

The lasting quality of road bridges steel-reinforced concrete superstructures on the way to renovation

Igor Yu. Belutsky, Igor’ V. Lazarev

Pacific National University, Khabarovsk, Russia

Corresponding author: Igor’ V. Lazarev, e-mail:

Abstract. The article presents constructive technological aspects of the reconstruction of steel-reinforced concrete superstructures of road bridges, based on projects developed by the «Bridges and Foundation Engineering» department, currently known as «Roads». These projects have been implemented on actual transportation infrastructure objects in the Far East region. The article provides data reflecting the condition of the reconstructed superstructures in terms of defects in the reinforced concrete slab of the passage, along with an analysis of these defects. It also presents fundamental considerations regarding measures aimed at ensuring the stability of beams during the reconstruction process.

The article provides data on the years of construction, repair, and reconstruction of bridge structures, which can be used to draw conclusions about the service life of superstructures, taking into account the reconstruction measures implemented. The effectiveness of the proposed constructive measures is also demonstrated, as they extend the operational capacity and service life of the superstructure.

The technical condition analysis of steel-reinforced concrete bridges focuses on improving the structural and technological solutions of the project, such as modernizing connecting elements and replacing worn-out slabs with new reinforced concrete or orthotropic ones. This approach is contrasted with organizational and technological measures that are part of preventive, planned maintenance work aimed at maintaining the working condition and effectiveness of constructive proposals in restoring consumer properties of steel-reinforced concrete bridges superstructures and bridge structures in general.

The information presented in the article indicates the effectiveness of technological interventions, as opposed to passive, organizational, and technological measures as part of scheduled preventive work that does not have a significant effect on increasing the load capacity of the superstructure.

Keywords: steel-reinforced concrete superstructures; reconstruction; durability

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