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Solovyev L.Yu., Fedorenko V.A. Experimental studies of the energy dissipation processes at the tops of fatigue cracks in the elements of bridge structures. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2021; 8(3). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/04SATS321

Experimental studies of the energy dissipation processes at the tops of fatigue cracks in the elements of bridge structures

Leonid Yu. Solovyev, Vladislav A. Fedorenko

Siberian Transport University, Novosibirsk, Russia

Corresponding author: Leonid Yu. Solovyev, e-mail:

Abstract. In the article, the authors investigated the possibility of using the thermal control method for diagnosing fatigue cracks in the metal superstructure, determined the necessary parameters for that control method. The studies were conducted during cantilevered steel samples fatigue tests simulating the superstructure beam wall operation, reinforced with stiffening ribs. To carry out the experiments were developed a test setup and a loading procedure at the various intensity of exposure. An electric motor with eccentrics is used as a loading device. The sample surface heating was recorded by thermal imagers with 0.03 K and 0.05 K temperature sensitivities and
60 frames/s and 9 frames/s shooting speed, respectively. Was confirmed the possibility of determining crack presence before its emergence to the surface namely at the stage of its initiation, and also were determined the self-heating zone dimensions at the tip of a crack. The conducting a laboratory experiment technique on the dissipative processes study in the metal superstructure elements is described.

Keywords: infrared thermography; fatigue cracks; energy dissipation; metal bridges; non-destructive testing

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