Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

2023, Volume 10, Issue 4

Russian journal of transport engineering

2023, Volume 10, Issue 4



Bikova N.M., Baranov T.M., Zabiyaka A.A. The superstructure behavior assessment of the railway bridge with truss element damage
Identification number of article: 12SATS423

Ignatyev A.A., Gotovtsev V.M. Cross-linking gradient model in disperse systems
Identification number of article: 17SATS423

Isakov A.L., Kovalev N.Yu. Justifying calculations of snow load distribution on snow retaining structures in avalanche protection system
Identification number of article: 04SATS423

Kozak N.V., Syrkov A.V., Bystrov V.A., Yaroshutin D.A., Shestovitskiy D.A. Quantitative reliability measures determination of a steel-reinforced concrete beam taking into account fatigue damage accumulation in flexible pin stops
Identification number of article: 05SATS423

Matveev S.A., Bobrova T.V., Stolbov Yu.V. Application of stress function and Fourier’s series for calculation of multilayer reinforced road structure
Identification number of article: 10SATS423

Ovchinnikov I.G., Russu N.A., Breus N.L., Valiev Sh.N., Ovchinnikov I.I., Parshukova I.A. Peculiarities of Master’s Degree Student training for the transport construction field in Tyumen Industrial University
Identification number of article: 02SATS423

Parfenov A.A., Yarmolinskiy V.A. Application of steel fibre reinforced concrete for ensuring concrete frost resistance of transport structures on regional and inter-municipal highways of Khabarovsk Krai motor roads of Khabarovsk region
Identification number of article: 01SATS423

Tserekh S.G. Functional capabilities of the calculation methodology of railway approach embankment to engineering structures taking into account temperature effect and interaction of reinforcing piles with soil
Identification number of article: 07SATS423