Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

Russian journal of transport engineering

2023, Volume 10, Issue 3



Bochkarev V.I., Zhustareva E.V., Goryachev M.G. Illuminating parameters variation of horizontal road markings in the operation process
Identification number of article: 06SATS323

Zharinov M.Yu., Marasanov A.I. Stress-strain state analysis of the polymer insulator adhesive bonding of a railway overhead system with a metal insulation displacement contact under torsion
Identification number of article: 13SATS323

Kozak N.V., Syrkov A.V., Bystrov V.A., Yaroshutin D.A. Influence analysis of the connective elements failures on the road bridges steel reinforced superstructures service reliability
Identification number of article: 07SATS323

Kopylov S.V., Nikolaeva N.P. Research of deicing agents for improving road safety in the conditions of the I-st road building climatic zone
Identification number of article: 11SATS323

Kochetkov A.V., Kamenskikh A.N., Valiev Sh.N., Yankovsky L.V., Belozerov M.I., Belozerov Ya.M. Technical and economic assessment for choosing of bridge structures waterproofing under cast hot asphalt concrete
Identification number of article: 10SATS323

Kurbatskiy E.N., Zernov I.I., Badina E.S. Application of generalised functions and Fourier’s integral transformation in modelling the effect of a moving load on a beam resting on an elastic foundation
Identification number of article: 05SATS323

Ryumin M.G. Application of fuzzy logic algorithms for predicting the pipe-culvert technical condition on railways
Identification number of article: 12SATS323

Svalova K.V. Improving the safety of pedestrian crossings based on the illumination degree assessment in the Central district of Chita city
Identification number of article: 09SATS323

Sigachev N.P., Svalova K.V., Krivchenko O.V. State and technical and economic assessment of the road pavement reinforcement method with the bottom-ash mixtures use
Identification number of article: 08SATS323