Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

Russian journal of transport engineering

2019, Volume 6, Number 2



Afanasev V.S. Elimination of the effect of temperature on the dynamic parameters of bridge beams
Identification number of article: 10SATS219

Badoyan N.Sh., Shepeteva L.S., Pugin K.G. Justification of the use of gabion structures to create barrier fences in the construction of roads
Identification number of article: 05SATS219

Bazhanov A.P. Development of methods for studying and assessing the reliability of roads at the stages of their design
Identification number of article: 02SATS219

Bokarev S.A., Usoltsev A.M. Laboratory research on functioning of bridge structures reinforced with induction brazing
Identification number of article: 14SATS219

Katasonov M.V., Kochetkov A.V., Gofman D.I., Kuxhausen V.V. Selection of the optimal composition for the device of the base of the pavement from soils treated with inorganic binder, during the construction of the entrance from the highway M-25 Novorossiysk – Kerch Strait to Kerch and the dry cargo area of the sea port of Taman on the section km 0 – km 42
Identification number of article: 04SATS219

Kochetkov A.V., Shchegoleva N.V., Korotkovskiy S.A., Talalai V.V., Vasilyev Yu.E., Shashkov I.G. Conditions of receiving a phosphite as withdrawal – a by-product of production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers
Identification number of article: 01SATS219

Levkovich T.I., Mevlidinov Z.A., Tuljankina N.A., Vishtalenko M.V. The study of strength of sandy soils reinforced with cement with the addition of «DorZem Ds-1», for use in the construction of foundations of roads
Identification number of article: 09SATS219

Ovchinnikov I.I., Karahanyan A.B., Ovchinnikov I.G. Bionic approach to the design of bridge structures. Part 1: Features of the bionic approach in relation to building structures
Identification number of article: 17SATS219

Permyakov M.B., Ilyin A.N., Ivanchenko T.A., Ivanchenko A.E., Kopeikin N.V. Advantage and practical use of solar panels in road construction
Identification number of article: 11SATS219

Pestriakova E.A., Kurbatskiy E.N., Nguyen Tr.T. Response spectra of trains to earthquakes
Identification number of article: 15SATS219

Pogodin D.A., Spiridonov N.N., Khalidov A.A. Improving modern technology and construction of multi-storey residential buildings by optimizing shuttering works
Identification number of article: 07SATS219

Safronov V.S., Antipov A.V. Vibrations of continuous slab reinforced concrete bridge when driving a three-axle car
Identification number of article: 12SATS219

Tokar N.I., Mevlidinov Z.A., Levkovich T.I., Foevtsov A.A. Scientific and organizational support for implementation of the strategy of innovative development of production in road construction complex with application of automobraders with additional universal working equipment
Identification number of article: 06SATS219

Uglova E.V., Tiraturyan A.N., Roman E.V., Belousov E.S. Determination of maximum axial loads at the stage of operation of non-rigid pavements based on the analysis of complete deformation diagrams
Identification number of article: 03SATS219