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Agapkina M.M., Ovchinnikov I.I. Optimization of project management processes in construction. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/20SATS120

Optimization of project management processes in construction

Agapkina Maria Matveevna
Tyumen industrial university, Tyumen, Russia

Ovchinnikov Ilya Igorevich
Tyumen industrial university, Tyumen, Russia
Yuri Gagarin state technical university of Saratov, Saratov, Russia

Abstract. The article considers the main reasons for the bankruptcy of construction organizations. Some advantages of the forthcoming pricing reform have been identified and pricing abroad has been considered. Attention is paid to the general concepts of project management and the importance of competent project management.

To carry out high-quality control over the implementation of objects, the Spider Project software package is considered, which is ideal for the construction industry. The program is based on a unique methodology for calculating the schedule and its optimization, based on the volume of work and the performance of the assigned resources. Also in the article you can find other advantages or functions of the program. But the main and convenient function is “programming” or importing tables of the “text file” type into the Spider Project. Working with tables will speed up the calculation of the budget of expenses and incomes at the pre-bidding stage and in the future will allow you to quickly create a resource-calendar schedule in the program. The so-called acceleration of the work of engineers can occur due to the preparation of estimates by the resource method, which will reflect the actual costs of the work or materials. By analyzing the estimate in the Grand Estimate program, you can get the necessary data for further work with the work schedule in the Spider Project.

Keywords: construction organization; project management; planning; Spider Project; pricing reform; resource method; building

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