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Neustroeva Ju.D., Ovchinnikov I.G. Aesthetics of a bridge structure as one of the ways to improve its quality. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/18SATS120

Aesthetics of a bridge structure as one of the ways to improve its quality

Neustroeva Juliya Dmitrievna
Industrial university of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia

Ovchinnikov Igor Georgievich
Industrial university of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia
Perm national research polytechnic university, Perm, Russia

Abstract. Analysis of the causes of bridges accidents conduct during two hundred years. Accumulated during this time information to allows qualifies the causes of accidents in three categories. The article is presents the categories of reasons for the collapse of bridges and discusses measures to enhance the operational safety of bridges.

The authors also consider scientific directions, research of which can affect statistics of accidents and destruction of bridge structures both in our country and around the world.

Special attention is paid to such terms as aesthetics and video ecology, their possible interaction is investigated, as well as their joint impact on reducing the accident rate of structures. The article presents examples of the application of aesthetics, thanks to which it is possible to understand the power of their influence on our life and the environment as a whole.

According to the authors, an assessment of aesthetic qualities can be made by calculation. In support of this, the article provides a variety of methods for quantifying aesthetics.

During the work, the authors considered the factors of creating a harmonious urban environment, which should be taken into account in the design of the bridge structure.

Research of design quality in terms of aesthetics – quite subjective process. Assessment of the aesthetic appearance to be more versatile. The article analyzes the methods for evaluating the aesthetic appearance of buildings, including settlement.

Bridge construction must comply with engineering standards of his time. Observance of this gives the right to consider the construction of high quality. We consider the principles of W. Edwards Deming, 14, who offered to apply in every successful manufacturing process, including when creating bridges. The article also describes methods of quality control, which can be used to evaluate the aesthetic qualities of the bridge structures.

Keywords: bridge constructions; bridge; accidents; destructions; reasons; esthetics; videoecology; safety; reliability; quality

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