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Shepitko T.V., Bolotov A.S. The study of the sustainability of decisions on the formation of the structure of repair units of a road construction company. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/09SATS120

The study of the sustainability of decisions on the formation of the structure of repair units of a road construction company

Shepitko Taisiya Vasilevna
Russian university of transport, Moscow, Russia

Bolotov Anton Sergeevich
Federal road agency of the ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Currently, work is underway to bring at least half of the road network of large agglomerations into a normative state. The implementation of the project is monitored by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Road Agency. In the list of goals – carrying out repair work. This problem, according to the author, can best be solved using mathematical modeling. The article investigates the trends in the behavior of the queuing system and their influence on the stability of decisions made regarding the choice of the structure of a road construction company. In the article, the loading of production units in a road construction company is simulated by a stream of applications. The task of finding the optimal organizational structure is multi-criteria, and each performance indicator, in turn, is a function of several variables. The functioning of support services and repair units is aimed at maintaining the operational state of the main production equipment. The data obtained from the results of the study suggest that the presented queuing system has fairly stable characteristics. This confirms both the possibility of determining the optimal structure of the repair unit, and the possibility of the existence of a structure accepted as optimal in a fairly wide range of conditions. Management decisions must have the required level of quality. Usually, discussing this issue, they talk about the scientific validity and competence of the solution, its timeliness, effectiveness and consistency. Achieving the required level of the last three indicators largely depends on the completeness and reliability of the source information. The validity and competence of decisions are provided by a scientifically sound methodology for the formation of the optimal structure of repair units.

Keywords: queuing system; optimality; Pareto threshold; increased productivity; diagnostics and repair; time interval; variable parameters; service channels

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