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Ni G., Uglova E.V.Road characteristic study of a high modulus road concrete mix with various additives. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2020; 7(4). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/04SATS420

Road characteristic study of a high modulus road concrete mix with various additives

Guangcong Ni, Evgeniya V. Uglova

Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Corresponding author: Guangcong Ni, e-mail:

Abstract. To develop recommendations for the high-modulus additives use in road concrete mix for pavement, in this work were considered two high-modulus additives: PR Module and PR PLASTS. A comparative analysis of the viscoelastic properties, characteristics at high and low temperatures, and the water-resistance of a high-modulus road concrete mix and a regular road concrete mix AS-20 was performed. In the scope of the study were performed tests to determine the dynamic elasticity modulus, wheel track rutting, three-point bending, and freeze-thawing stability. The various additives’ influence on the high-modulus road concrete mix road characteristics were analyzed in detail. The results show that high modulus additives can significantly improve the road concrete mix’s high-temperature stability without compromising the resistance to low-temperature cracking. The asphalt concrete’s high viscosity with the high modulus additives introduction can, to a certain extent, improve the water-resistance and fatigue characteristics of the mixture, while the effect of the PR PLASTS additive is more significant.

Keywords: high modulus road concrete mix; viscoelasticity; PR Module additive; PR PLASTS additive; test to determine the dynamic modulus of elasticity; wheel track rutting test

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