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Krylov M.A., Kurganov K.I., Chaschin Y.A. [Monitoring and modeling hardware-software complex for forecasting the condition and deterioration of the road surface] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2018, Vol. 5, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/04SATS118

Monitoring and modeling hardware-software complex for forecasting the condition and deterioration of the road surface

Krylov Maxim Alekseevich
Intellect systems ltd., Kovrov, Russia

Kurganov Konstantin Igorevich
Ivanovo state power-engineering university, Ivanovo, Russia

Chaschin Yevgeny Anatolevich
Kovrov state technical academy, Kovrov, Russia

Abstract. The article shows the possibility of implementing a technical solution, which includes a set of technical vision, software for processing and analyzing the results of monitoring and modeling the dynamics of road deterioration and a module that uses artificial intelligence to form standard management decisions. The hardware and software complex is implemented on the basis of the technique of expert assessment of the condition of pavements and involves the use of existing geoinformation systems to visualize information on the presence and development of road surface defects during operation. The hardware-software complex allows predicting the change in the surface of the road in dynamics and providing these data to the authorized bodies for making standard management decisions on the allocation of funds for road repair and quality control from already repaired sites. This in combination allows to optimize the expenditure of allocated funds, to identify and prevent the facts of their misuse and inefficient use.

The technical vision complex uses a mobile transport platform such as a drone, a car, etc., with a carrying capacity of more than 15 kg, moves along a given route and detects recognized defects by geolocation. It includes an information input system (photo-video fixation for detecting defects), and a computer system (a device for initial processing, storage and transmission of data via mobile Internet connection using technologies such as EDGE, 3G, 4G).

The software is a highly loaded system with a web application architecture containing an artificial intelligence module that uses information about contractors, changing traffic patterns, etc., to perform standard management decisions.

Keywords: roads; standard management decision; аlgorithm; technical vision; artificial intelligence; road surface defects

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