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Lishchinskii S.A. [Adaptation of the regional roads for the movement of heavy vehicles] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2016, Vol. 3, No. 3. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/03TS316

Adaptation of the regional roads for the movement of heavy vehicles

Lishchinskii Sergei Anatol’evich
Volgograd state university of architecture and civil engineering, Russia, Volgograd

Abstract. Under the influence of loads due to today’s heavy vehicles, a large part of auto-road structures of the regional or inter-municipal significance of the Volgograd region does not meet the regulatory requirements for safety margin. Based on the results of auto-road diagnostics and the calculations in the program Credo Radon, we made an assessment of the pavement structure strength and carried out calculations to strengthen the road constructions for their adaptation for the movement of heavy vehicles.

The conducted investigations led to the following conclusions:
1. At the examination of structures and roadway one must evaluate the pavement strength not only in the value of elastic deflection, but in thickness and status of the pavement structural layers too.
2. Calculations of structures for strengthening of pavement should be carried out according to three criteria of strength. The thickness of strengthening depends on the strength factor of the existing structures, degree of wear and thickness of the structural layers.

Keywords: coefficient of strength; modulus of elasticity; elastic deflection; road defects; constructions of road pavement; strengthening of road bed; criteria of strength

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