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Leyer D.V. , Seryi D.G. , Lubarsky N.N. Design peculiarities of pipeline support on landslide slopes. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2021; 8(3). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/02SATS321

Design peculiarities of pipeline support on landslide slopes

Darya V. Leyer, Dmitry G. Seryi, Nikolai N. Lubarsky

Kuban State Agrarian University, Krasnodar, Russia

Corresponding author: Darya V. Leyer, e-mail:

Abstract. The pipeline construction in complex engineering-geological conditions requires a thorough initial data analysis, as well as complex slope modeling using modern software systems. The article discusses the features of the foundation construction for stand-alone supports for power lines and pipelines on landslide slopes composed of clay soils. Relevant Russian regulations documents administer above-ground pipelining, which significantly complicates the design process. However, above-ground pipelining allows monitoring the slope condition (formation road edge breakaway), foundations (deviation from the design location), as well as the pipeline (displacement of the route axis, the state of welds). Timely detected deviations allow avoiding an emergency situation.

The author considers possible options for constructive solutions for support foundations, as well as protective structures exemplified by a real Krasnodar Krai object. The pipeline construction in active landslide displacements conditions, as well as the presence of seismic effects, requires not only ensuring the construction’s economic feasibility, but also the work safety. In the developing process of optimal design solutions, slope computer modeling was executed both in two-dimensional and three-dimensional formulations based on the finite element method using the Plaxis 2D and Plaxis 3D programs. The considered design situations made it possible to take into account the worst load combinations possible during pipeline operation. According to the calculation results and a comprehensive engineering and geological conditions study at the site, as well as the construction organization peculiarities, a block diagram has been developed that makes it possible to determine the optimal design solutions for protective structures in relation to any landslide construction site.

Keywords: pipeline; landslide; modeling; slope; streamlined structure; anti-landslide structure; clay soil; pile foundation; groundwater level

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