Russian Journal of Transport Engineering
Russian journal of transport engineering

Russian journal of transport engineering

2021, Volume 8, Issue 2



Erofeev V.T., Bondarev B.A., Kruglov V.M., Gavrilov M.A., Rodin A.I., Erofeeva I.V., Bondarev A.B., Filatov A.V., Martynov A.A., Vostrikov I.A. Development and research of cement and polymer composites for bridge structure repair
Identification number of article: 04SATS221

Zasukhin I.V. Pressure profile definition over the metal orthotropic deck surface of the decking superstructure ballast pocket from the local load action
Identification number of article: 09SATS221

Kozak N.V. Comprehensive analysis of existing endurance testing methods of flexible dowel crutches of composite reinforced concrete road bridges according to the standards of a number of countries
Identification number of article: 10SATS221

Lubarsky N.N. , Leyer D.V. Effect of the anchors’ free length that made of tubular screw rods on the forces distribution in pile-anchor retaining structures on highways
Identification number of article: 05SATS221

Magomedov M.M. , Ovchinnikov I.G. Constructive and technological substantiation of constructive solutions for mountain bridge structures
Identification number of article: 12SATS221

Pronozin Ya.A., Kajgorodov M.D., Gerber A.D. Stress-strain state of a borehole determined analytically using drilling-out as a technology of reducing differential settlement
Identification number of article: 08SATS221


Kosmin V.V. Book Review A.I. Vasilʹev «Load capacity and durability of bridge structures»
Identification number of article: 01SATS221