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Muravieva L.V., Ovchinnikov I.G. Seismic resistance analysis of the buried subsea pipeline. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2018; 5(1). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/16SATS118

Seismic resistance analysis of the buried subsea pipeline

Muravieva Liudmila Victorovna
JSC «CDB Corall», Sevastopol, Russia

Ovchinnikov Igor Georgievich
National research nuclear university MEPHI (Moscow engineering physics institute)
Balakovo institute of engineering and technology (branch), Russia
Yuri Gagarin state technical university of Saratov, Saratov, Russia
Perm national research polytechnic university, Perm, Russia

Abstract. If a seismic wave is randomly directed, the pipeline will vibrate both in transverse and longitudinal directions relative to its axis.
Dynamic seismic resistance theory for the complex underground structures is under development now. Pipeline systems and structural systems joined into complex assemblies can be considered as complex systems. A contact between underground structures and the ground depends on the dimensions and design features of the construction. The article describes a subway model having a cylindrical cross section to evaluate the seismic resistance of the buried subsea concrete coated pipeline.

Keywords: seismic design; seismic analysis; underground structures; mode of deformation construction

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