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Surovtsev A.B. [Proposals on designing a new typical project for the bridge spans L = 18 — 33m] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2016, Vol. 3, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/05TS116

Proposals on designing a new typical project for the bridge spans L = 18 — 33m

Surovtsev Aleksey Borisovich
Institute Stroyproekt, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Abstract. Experts of the Scientific Center of JSC «Institute «Stroiproekt» have performed several interesting research works on the design technique. One of them is presented in the given article — it is a development of proposals for a new typical project on the spans for minor bridges. Engineers of our company are based on the European experience, where a monolithic reinforced concrete slab is used in conjunction with the precast packaged units. In contrast, the Russian practice proposes to combine the fabricated blocks by monolithic joints, and this leads to a reduction of life. The article analyzes the technical solutions used in Russia and abroad and offers a constructive concept applied at several objects of JSC «Institute Strojproect», which allows to fulfill all the requirements of the new normative base and ensure life of the structures.

Keywords: JSC «Institute «Strojproect», typical design, transport strategy, bridge spans, upgrading of minor bridges, typical design, span, precast reinforced-concrete structures, typical project, beams, life, reliability

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