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Likomaskina M.A. [Study of durability of asphalt compositions in Mordovia State University] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2016, Vol. 3, No. 3. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/04TS316

Study of durability of asphalt compositions in Mordovia State University

Likomaskina Mayya Alekseevna
Ogarev Mordovia state university, Russia, Saransk

Abstract. This article describes the carried out in Mordovia State University study longevity building composites prepared using bitumen binders modified by various polymers. Experimentally-theoretical studies of the physical and mechanical and rheological properties, biodegradability and biological resistance and climate resistance of asphalt. Produced selection of dense and porous sand asphalt compositions and studied their physical and mechanical properties. Shown asphalt concretes that are subject to microbiological degradation. The changes of the physical and mechanical characteristics of asphalt concrete after exposure to filamentous fungi. In dense asphalt mixes biological stability indices higher than the porous material. The technology of asphalt with additives «Telaz» different brands and established physical and mechanical properties of modified asphalt. The biological stability of asphalt with additives «Telaz» different brands. The introduction of the asphalt concrete modifiers such as «Telaz» leads to an increase in an order of fungal resistance, compared with the same compositions in pure bitumen. Showing quantitative depending on climatic resistance of asphalt concretes.

Keywords: asphalt concretes; modified materials; durability; aging; biological and climatic resistance

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