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Yushkov B.S., Tretyakova O.V. [Rational use of anchor pile material of the thin retaining walls] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2014, Vol. 1, No. 4. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/02TS414

Rational use of anchor pile material of the thin retaining walls

Yushkov Boris Semenovich
Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia, Perm

Tretyakova Olga Viktorovna
«PZSP», Russia, Perm

Abstract. The article considers the urgency of application of the reinforced concrete anchor piles in the constructions of retaining structures associated with the possibility of establishing rigid joint of element interface and more durable pile constructions in the soil. The features of the inclined anchor piles work as a part of sheet-pile retaining walls are noted. There was performed a study of the stress-strain state of the inclined reinforced concrete anchor piles of the thin sheet-pile wall with the reinforced concrete face members of T-section, combined with piles by a longitudinal beam. The authors consider a constructive scheme of retaining structure and list the applied loads. The efforts in the anchor piles were determined. The bending-moment curves show the character of the force distribution along the pile. A form of the pile ensuring the rational distribution of material along the pile is presented. The distribution of efforts along the length and effect of filling on its operation in the soil were accepted as the criteria of construction solution for a pile. The substantiation of the proposed design of pile is presented in terms of its stress-strain state and the rational use of material. The authors made conclusions on the reasonability of adopted design solutions associated with an increase in the flexural strength of pile, increment of the ultimate pullout capacity, stability improvement, effective use of backfill and exception of the «out of operation» areas of the pile.

Keywords: sheet-pile wall; anchor pile; soil anchor; filling; frost heaving; soil pressure; stress-strain state; pulling-out; stability

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