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Utkin V.S. [Calculation of a load capacity of the pored friction piles and selection of pile length by a safety factor] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2017, Vol. 4, No. 2. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/02TS217

Calculation of a load capacity of the pored friction piles and selection of pile length by a safety factor

Utkin Vladimir Sergeevich
The Vologda state university, Russia, Vologda

Abstract. The author proposes a new approach in the analysis of the pored piles work in the ground and on this basis a new method for selecting pile length in the foundation soil. Instead of the ultimate static friction forces between the pile and the ground the article considers the frictional-adhesion forces caused by the micro-displacements (deformations) of piles relative to the subsoil. This approach deals with the work of pile in the ground under load and the procedure for determining the length of the pile by condition that the pile’s limiting state in the foundation soil is not exceeded. The pile length is determined by its value of the safety factor, which is set from the ratio of the ultimate loading on the pile to the value of the service load.

Keywords: pored pile; surface force; service load; deformation of concrete; pile length; safety factor; carrying capacity

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