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Pertceva A.E., Khizhnyak N.S., Astafieva N.S. Experience with the use of large-span LVL constructions. Russian Journal of Transport Engineering. 2018; 5(3). Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/02SATS318

Experience with the use of large-span LVL constructions

Pertceva Anastasiia Evgenevna
Peter the great St. Petersburg polytechnic university, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Khizhnyak Nikita Sergeevich
Peter the great St. Petersburg polytechnic university, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Astafieva Natalia Serafimovna
Peter the great St. Petersburg polytechnic university, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. Nowdays, when people build any building or structures, they almost always use timber elements. Such structures can be found in ceilings, in coverings, beams, trusses, partitions, walls and even in enclosing structures. Wood is of particular interest in modern construction, in times of special attention to energy efficiency, as renewable material for 100 %. Many European countries are puzzled by the widespread use of renewable materials in the construction process, the Russian Federation also seeks to improve the energy efficiency of structures and materials, while not neglecting the bearing capacity and durability of structures.

There is a special attention is paid to glued laminated timber constructions in this article. They are gaining momentum in the construction of many structures, including large-span sports and entertainment facilities, such as indoor stadiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, indoor concert halls and playgrounds and also shopping malls.

Advantages and disadvantages of using such material in the construction of large-span structures were considered in this work. In addition, there were analyzed possibilities of using such constructions instead of metal structures.

A comparative table of the properties of glued laminated timber and ordinary timber and comparative table of glued laminated timber and steel structures are given in work.

Keywords: large-span constructions; timber; wood; laminated timber; wood constructions; energy efficiency; renewable materials; eco-friendly materials

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