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Muravieva L.V., Bashirzade S.R. [Behaviour underground pipelines laid in saturated soil] Russian Journal of Transport Engineering, 2015, Vol. 2, No. 3. Available at: (in Russian). DOI: 10.15862/01TS315

Behaviour underground pipelines laid in saturated soil

Muravieva Liudmila Victorovna
Saint Peterburg state polytecnic university, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Bashirzade Samir Rafail ogly
Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, Russia, Moscow

Abstract. The work marked the problemы of reliable and uninterrupted operation of the pipelines, their behavior under the influence of operational loads in water-saturated soils. Affected some aspects of the theory of water-saturated grounds. This theory takes into account the interaction of the solid and liquid phases in porous elastic saturated liquid two-phase medium. On the degree of connectivity between the solid and liquid phases of the soil are considered the limiting cases of water-saturated environment. Medium «without regard» is the first limit case, in which the fluid circulates freely between the grains of the solid phase (slightly wet sands, sandstones). Option «perfect bond» — is the second limiting case, is that the liquid can circulate in closed pores (clay) and is squeezed out of them under the action of internal stresses. When the pipeline buried in water saturated sand (riverbed, seabed), in such a situation, the soil surrounding the pipeline may become liquid under the effect of seismic vibrations. In this case, the possible displacement of the pipeline in the horizontal direction from the action of masses of soil and under the action of the buoyancy force of his ascent, especially when the pipeline operates at a compressive load. The compressive force in the pipeline also occurs as a result of thermal exposure of product to be conveyed and restrictions along the pipeline against longitudinal expansion. Derived formulas intended for finding necessary criteria for reliable operation of the pipeline. The magnitude of the stresses in the pipeline depends on the width of the water-saturated zone.

Keywords: buried pipe; saturated soil; seismic shaiking; liquefied soil

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